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FREE Bingley History Activity

Bingley is a pretty interesting place, and I’m trying to put together a booklet with the key historical facts about Bingley in – but I need some help! I’ve put together two templates – one for ages 5-7 –  My Facts About Bingley Ages 5 – 7

and one for ages 7 – 11 – About Bingley Ages 7-11.

My son insisted on writing “the Par(c)k” so we didn’t confuse it with St Ives in Cornwall…
Ask your child to complete their own research either from your collective knowledge or through researching, and when you’re done, please photograph and send to my inbox at the Bingley Mums Facebook Page.

This not only gives your child an actual reason to write, but they stand a chance of being featured in the finished (printable) booklet! If you don’t want your child’s name to be used, please let me know when you send the message, if not, I’ll include it. The booklet will be available to download from this website, and will not be professionally printed or anything, just so you know!

I’ve only included Five Rise Locks and St Ives, but feel free to do further research on other aspects of Bingley too. Your child may find it helpful if you write out key spellings for them on some paper for them to copy as they complete the activity. Enjoy!


The best (and worst) things about living in Bingley…

Last Friday night I had a bit of an epiphany. Yes this did include alcohol, but a surprisingly small amount. For the first time EVER I experienced what is commonly known as a “Mums night out”. Having never been invited on one before, I decided to be proactive and do my own, and it was great! As it was a beautiful evening, we decided to walk from Eldwick to Bingley, down Park Road. This involved some lingering outside Nisa as I was early meeting my friend, and it gave me some interesting insight into the youth of today, thank god for iPhones.

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