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Days out near Bingley – National Media Museum

Like many people in Bingley, I do try and avoid going into Bradford if I can at all avoid it. Having said that though, I am quite fond of Bradford city centre in a funny way – there are definitely some hidden gems and there is also plenty of affordable things to do, if you know where to look. Today we decided to do something a bit different to normal, and my two small sons and I headed to the National Media Museum to see what they had on as they often run interesting events in the holidays. We parked with no problem at all in a small car park right behind the museum (cost £2.40 for four hours) and strolled right in. The museum is actually free, and actually is pretty awesome. On the ground floor is a really fab recently refurbished cafe and I was really surprised how good it was – though we actually took a picnic as I remembered from last time there is a nice picnic area too. On the first floor there was a chance to create your own photo with various props and bits and bobs – as an ex teacher I couldn’t really see the learning objective but maybe I was missing the point a bit, probably. Anyway, my two boys enjoyed it and we ended up on the website – excitement! There are a further five floors which contain loads of interesting bits and bobs from really old televisions to film sets and my two boys loved messing around pretending to be in Telly Tubby land. There is also a “light” room with lots of different ways to mess around with light rays/reflection/refraction which again, as a teacher I was loving.

The best bit for us was the IMAX film we went to see – something about the Unseen World – I think it was £7.75 for adults and £5.95 for children three and over. It was a 3D film and my children loved wearing the glasses and “reaching out” to anything that appeared to leave the screen, we really enjoyed it!Image

I really recommend the National Media Museum for a day out to families in Bingley – it was really quiet today which worried me as I would really hate to see this amazing facility close due to lack of visitors.