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10 School Mum Rules

Every mum (and dad) with a school age child knows that the real stresses and strains only begin the September after your first child’s fourth birthday. From that moment onward, you are now part of a “school community” and everything that goes with it. Of course it’s a great opportunity to meet new friends, but also brings a lot of “learning” (and not just for your child) with it too. If you don’t know the rules, you’ll be a broken bleeding  mess by Christmas. Here we go…

  1. Don’t get road rage when parking at school. I did this once, I pulled in to let someone pass and another mum decided to overtake. I shouted from my window and glared. It wasn’t pretty. Thankfully soon after the mum in question got a job and we never had to see each other again. I live in fear of this situation changing.
  2. Don’t get mad when your child isn’t invited to a party. I have named this Party Rage. Soon you won’t care and will in fact be glad as a) it’s one less present to buy and b) it’s one less party to attend. Just think of it as part of life’s rich tapestry. Whatever you do, don’t question anyone about why your child wasn’t invited. This leads to a result similar to rule 1.
  3. Always avoid eye contact. That way you won’t have to ever talk to anyone. It’s for the best. Wear sunglasses as often as possible.
  4. Even if you’ve previously talked to someone, had them over for lunch and given them a bag full of clothes, that doesn’t mean they will acknowledge you. They may be following rule 3, who’s to know?
  5.  Be careful about who you befriend on Facebook – eager friending early on can lead to awkward defriending later on when you unwittingly do something terrible to offend. You will then ignore each other for the next 7 years, refer to rule 3.
  6. Watch out for the Social Climber mums – nice as pie to you week 1, pretend you don’t exist by week 3 (when “cooler” mums have made their acquaintance).
  7. If someone has their clothes on inside out, don’t mention it. Ever. Ditto hair brushing.  Ditto maniac child – pretend other people’s children are lovely at all times despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary and you can expect the same back.
  8. Encourage your child to be friends with a child who has a dad without a wandering eye. And I’m not talking about a medical condition. When you’re all standing there chatting and he’s checking you out, it’s just not cricket.
  9. Wear gym gear every day even if you don’t go. Just to make people feel guilty.
  10. Oh and always be on time, support the school, attend assemblies, encourage good manners, follow uniform and homework policies and don’t hassle the school secretary EVER…

What are your school mum rules?

Mia Bambina Giveaway!

mia bambina giveaway

Here at Bingley Mums we are lucky enough to have the support of our sponsors, including local online Organic Baby Bibs specialist Mia Bambina.

Bingley Mum Becki set up Mia Bambina after the birth of her first child Mia back in 2006. Like a lot of little ones, Mia developed eczema and Becki found that some creams and washing products were making the problem worse. Becki also found that the clothes Mia was wearing were possibly adding to the problem as it turns out that a lot of clothes contain toxins that are present even in baby wear!  This shocked Becki enough to immediately change how she shopped for Mia, and that organic cotton was the way forward for them, however back then there were limited options. After a lot of shopping around and realising there was hardly anything out there, Becki decided to begin her own organic and fairtrade clothes and toys website, where people can buy safe and ethically sourced products  and learn about the advantages of going organic – so Mia Bambina was born.

It’s imperative that as mums we support other mums in business, especially in our local community, it’s a great way to do your bit to support the local area. Speaking of giving back, the lovely Becki has a fab bundle to give away to one lucky baby! Includes two organic bibs, crochet toadstool and fair trade wooden snail jigsaw. All you need to do is enter via this widget and visit Mia Bambina on facebook! For extra entries in the “hat”, follow the other instructions too.

We use rafflecopter for giveaways at Bingley Mums – because it’s a really fair way to do giveaways and keeps everything legal and above board. However some people have struggled to enter – you will need to click on “log in” when you see the widget and then sign into your facebook account. Ends 12AM 24th October 2015. Terms and conditions are available on the widget.


The best (and worst) things about living in Bingley…

Last Friday night I had a bit of an epiphany. Yes this did include alcohol, but a surprisingly small amount. For the first time EVER I experienced what is commonly known as a “Mums night out”. Having never been invited on one before, I decided to be proactive and do my own, and it was great! As it was a beautiful evening, we decided to walk from Eldwick to Bingley, down Park Road. This involved some lingering outside Nisa as I was early meeting my friend, and it gave me some interesting insight into the youth of today, thank god for iPhones.

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May Bank Holiday Fun In and Around Bingley!

This May bank holiday seems to have come around really quickly, probably because of the VERY late Easter holidays this year! We’ve not really had much time to plan what we are going to do with ourselves, but thankfully some of the lovely Bingley Mums on our facebook page have been really helpful with advice and tips for things to do in the Bingley area this bank holiday! Here’s a few, please feel free to add your own in the comments below!

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