Bingley Mums was set up in 2014 as a community venture to help local families find the information they need and connect them to local services.

Bingley Mums has several generous sponsors paying for flyers and hosting costs. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and promoting your business to the people of Bingley this is what we offer:-

  • Blog post
  • Ad in the sidebar of the website
  • Plugs on our popular facebook page
  • Giveaways

What people say about Bingley Mums:

“I approached Bingley Mums to help with the launch of my coffee shop on Bingley main street as I could see how popular the facebook page was. Heather was full of ideas for what we could do and even designed an infographic to put up on facebook to announce the opening. We did a giveaway together which she fully managed and it was a totally stress free experience. Best of all a huge amount of my customers in the first few weeks said they had read about my business on Bingley Mums and that’s why they came in. Heather also helped to organise a Mum and baby morning upstairs at the coffee shop which was a huge success. I have also run promotions with a special Bingley Mums’ discount which has had a significant uptake. Heather is the hub of the community. I recommend working with her if you want your business to succeed in Bingley!”

Adele Hepworth, Myrtle Perk Coffee Shop.

“Sponsoring Bingley Mums was always a no brainer for Mia Bambina as we love to support other mums in the local area. However, I have noticed a significant increase in site traffic and likes on facebook since our relationship began. As well as this, Heather has been very helpful coming up with ideas for our marketing strategy. I recommend Bingley Mums as a place to advertise to any company looking to connect with parents in the Bingley area.”

Becki Leach Walker, Mia Bambina Organic Baby Clothes.

For more information please contact or use the contact form below.

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A site for Bingley Mums (and Dads) to find out what's on in the Bingley area!

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