Pram Walks Near Bingley!

Now we have a child in a pram once again, we’re starting to become more aware of walks that are and aren’t pram friendly. Here are a few of the best ones locally…

  1. Bingley Canal towards Saltaire

Parking in the layby opposite the Fishersmans Pub, head across the bridge and then down the ramp towards the canal. Turn right and start walking on the tow path for a couple of miles until you reach Saltaire. You will see a canal boat cafe that’s great for kids snacks and hot drinks for adults. Once in Saltaire you can either visit Salt’s Mill – very pushchair friendly – or go for a further walk around Robert’s Park – which also has a very popular kids’ playground. There are various eating options also when you’re there aside from Salt’s Diner within Saltaire village. Walk back to Bingley the way you came via the canal tow path. You can of course go the other way along the tow path instead of heading to Saltaire, via the Five Rise Locks Cafe and watch the canal boats going through the locks. The path can get muddy at times that way so be sure to take suitable footwear.

2. St Ives near Harden

St Ives is a great free family day out – you don’t even have to pay for parking. Park near the adventure playground and let your kids run riot – the park itself is not great for prams so you can may need to get your baby out if you are with older children. When you’re ready, head via the riding school and golf club for the lake/large pond. Again, it can get muddy so wear suitable footwear. The walk around the lake/large pond isn’t particularly long but if your pushchair has pneumatic tyres you can venture off the beaten track a bit in search of the Druid’s Alter.

3. Golden Acre Park near Adel, Leeds

I’ve never actually been to this one so don’t have much advice to give, but I’m told it is great for prams and very accessible. If you do go please take some photos and post on our facebook page – then we can add the details here! Apparently there is a good cafe too.

4. Bolton Abbey

A bit of a Bingley favourite this one, if you park in the car park near the Cavendish Pavillion (i.e. the usual one) – pay your £8 parking fee, park up and head past the cafe onto the main route. There are wheelchair signs to direct you, but basically don’t cross the bridge and walk on the route on the same side of the river as the car park – if you have a pram that is. The other side is inappropriate for pushchairs but good fun if you are pram-less (one day…). Read more about it here.

5. Yeadon Tarn

Not mega near, but handy for those who enjoy going to the Wetherby Whaler, Yeadon Tarn is a nice sized walk with wide paths that don’t seem to get too muddy, though beware of errant toddlers making a break for freedom towards the water! Ice cream van is usually there, and generally a nice walk.

6. High Royds, Menston

Not one I’ve ever tried, but apparently this has nice paths and is interesting to walk around, as well as being quite near to Menston Park for a play on the swings and slides for older children. No cafes or toilet facilities that I know of though.

If you have any more ideas for pram and pushchair friendly walks, please contact us.

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