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My birth stories…

It’s over three years now since I gave birth to my second son, and I STILL can’t watch “One Born Every Minute” as I find it sends me into floods of tears which is NOT a good look (I’m an ugly crier). With the benefit of hindsight I can look back reasonably objectively about my birth experiences at Airedale Hospital and ask myself, “was I well cared for?” The answer would be, some of the time I was, but the care was also sometimes lacking. Here’s my story…

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The best (and worst) things about living in Bingley…

Last Friday night I had a bit of an epiphany. Yes this did include alcohol, but a surprisingly small amount. For the first time EVER I experienced what is commonly known as a “Mums night out”. Having never been invited on one before, I decided to be proactive and do my own, and it was great! As it was a beautiful evening, we decided to walk from Eldwick to Bingley, down Park Road. This involved some lingering outside Nisa as I was early meeting my friend, and it gave me some interesting insight into the youth of today, thank god for iPhones.

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Urban Edge Academy After School Drama Classes!


Urban Edge Academy School Of Performing Arts is a leading dance and drama school based in Baildon. Sally runs dance and drama sessions on a Friday after school at Bingley Fitness Studio for children age 3+. Contact Sally on 07596 864 347 for more details.

Bingley Mum Heather says, “My son attended these classes and thoroughly enjoyed them, highly recommended”.


Bec’s Baby Yoga – Nuffield Cottingley

Bec’s Baby Yoga comes highly recommended by Bingley Mum Lisa. The sessions run at Nuffield House in Cottingley, Bingley and can be booked directly with the class coordinator Jodie on 01274 565741 Or you can ring Bec on her mobile to make further enquiries on 07894 113186 and to provisionally book your place.

Baby Yoga: Friday 9:45- 10:45 am Nuffield House, Cottingley New Road, Bingley, BD16 1TZ
Toddler Yoga: call for info
(Toddler Yoga not currently running, please email for info)

Cost – £5 for non members of Nuffield, £3 for members. NB UPDATED! This is now free for members.

The sessions are held in the Mind and Body Studio, which offers a calming and spacious room for you to enjoy and relax in the session. There is a coffee lounge that parents/carers sometimes use after the session if they feel they want to extend their visit and catch up with other mums.

Jo Jingles in Bingley!

Janet says

Starting 25th of April – new under 2s Jo Jingles class places now available! Starts at 11 a.m Fridays at Bingley Methodist Church.

Also 2 definite places have come available at the busy over 2’s class!”

Contact Janet at for more details.

Other details  and timetable of classes available here on the Jo Jingles Ilkley website.


Child Friendly Restaurants – La Strada

One of the reasons we decided to move to Bingley seven years ago, was the number of nice pubs and restaurants locally. When you have young children it can be really difficult to have anything resembling a social life, so it’s good to have lots of places locally that you can take children to – even if it had to be fairly quick and earlier in the evening! One of the restaurants in Bingley that is great for taking children to is La Strada on Park Road, near the train station.

la strada

La Strada is an Italian restaurant and is open from 5pm which means you’ve plenty of time for a family meal together before bed time! Staff warmly welcome families and you won’t feel that you are being noisy or rushed. There are two menus and children’s size portions of pasta and pizza are available.

Early Bird Menu

2 Courses £ 10.95
3 Courses £12.95

Every Day 5.00pm—7.00pm

Main Menu

Pasta from £7
Pizza from £6.50

Other mains include fish, veal, steak, salad, lamb from £10.50

26 Park Road
West Yorkshire
BD16 4AD
Tel: 01274 770550


The one where I saved the children’s centre…

…well not exactly, but it got you reading! We’ve attended Bingley Children’s Centre for quite a few years. To be honest since moving here in 2007, it’s one of the few places I’ve found where I’ve felt truly accepted. There are lots of opportunities for messy play and painting, there’s water play, a sandpit, home corner and lots more! It’s basically an awesome place and to be quite honest, for a lot of people I think it’s a lifeline. I was lucky enough to be on the advisory board for the Children’s Centre a few years ago when I was on maternity leave, and I can’t really imagine a time when I won’t be one of its supporters.

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The horror of the school run – Bingley Styley

I sometimes think of life before the school run – we could laze around in our pyjamas until whenever we liked, breakfast was a leisurely relaxing time usually followed by a couple of cartoons while I had a nice sit down. Now it’s totally different. Here’s what happens…

6.15am – In a very deep sleep you dream you are being attacked and sure enough, when you open your eyes you see a very wide awake two year old clocking you over the head with Postman Pat’s cow. It isn’t the first time.

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