Geocaching at St Ives

This is a guest post from local dad Andy Walker with some ideas for things to do in Bingley with kids when the “boss” is away!

I’m a Dad of two living in Bingley. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I get somewhat worried when my wife tells me on a Sunday morning that she’s off out for the day and I need to hang out with the kids. Apparently the boss tells me I’m not allowed to spend another day getting the kids to ‘help’ rake the leaves and I actually need to occasionally do something else with them.

So I looked into Geocaching. I found a great free app which gives some locations around Bingley of caches that me and the kids can look for. So we decided, one Sunday, to go see what we could find up at St Ives.

St Ives is a great place to spend the day with the kids. We took a picnic (which the wife made, apparently a packet of crisps and an apple is not a meal) and spent the entire day collecting sticks, playing in the playground and looking for caches. There are at least 3 free caches in St Ives. The kids loved finding the hiding places and writing their names on the log books.

Here are some pictures of them having fun up at St Ives. It’s a great place and you don’t need any money unless you want to buy an ice cream. There is a cafe but we usually take our own food. I definitely recommend it for having fun with the kids.

Geocaching at St Ives
Geocaching at St Ives
Geocaching at St Ives
Geocaching at St Ives

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