Billy-Bobs Ice Cream Parlour

We first visited this lovely place years ago when it was just a small ice cream van parked in a farm – now it’s something really special! Hand built wooden play equipment in the outside play area, surrounded by lovely benches for eating and relaxing. Inside there is a play barn (there is a small fee to play of ¬£1 for two hours), and of course the ice cream parlour inside which serves delicious ice cream as well as VERY child friendly food including pancakes, burgers and hot dogs. Whatever you do though, if you are going to eat you need to book in advance, or face a very long wait! Especially at the weekend. This place is super popular and rightly so, but be prepared for that when you visit. Also remember to take wellies and warm clothes if you go in the Winter even if you intend to use in the indoor play barn, as it’s still open to the elements even though it’s covered.

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday 9am – 6pm



Calm Slate Farm
Bolton Abbey
BD23 6EU
T: 01756 711826

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