Bolton Abbey

Everyone loves a day out at Bolton Abbey – it’s such a crowd pleaser. Choose to either park at Strid Wood and have a shortish walk down to the strid, or park in the riverside car park, have a latte and a scone, and walk along a more pushchair friendly path to the strid.

bolton abbey boys

For more information, check out the Bolton Abbey website.

Entry/parking is either £7 or £8 at weekends per car depending on what time of year you go. However if you go midweek it is only £3 to park.  We usually take a picnic with us and eat it after coming back from a longish walk. You can also explore the abbey or paddle in the river in safe areas. The stepping stones I would not recommend crossing as they look quite perilous, likewise keep a tight hold of children near the strid as lives have been lost there.

In the summer, take a football and sports stuff and find a space on a field in the riverside car park. Lots to do if you like the outdoors!

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