A letter to Bingley….

Dear Bingley.

We’ve been friends for nearly 7 years ago, and it’s been an emotional friendship. True, 10 years ago I had never heard of you. I was living in Madrid and didn’t care about proximity of supermarkets, Marks and Spencers food halls and access to a Pizza Express. But times have changed. Now I rarely leave your borders, and my life is confined to about five square miles. How different my life is now.

Sometimes I really love you Bingley, you try your best to make the best of things. The people who live in you are good humoured and kind, though they are tough too, and shouldn’t be crossed if you can help it. True, drivers in Bingley are a bit maniacal and seem to want to race around swerving like crazy people, but it’s something I’ve learned to live with.

Bingley, I’ve noticed that Bradford council doesn’t seem to appreciate you like I do. They don’t want to spend money on you, or let you have a swimming pool and decent amenities for the hard working people who live in your borders. It seems that even though we are doing our bit to contribute positively to society, we don’t get anything back in return. But we don’t let it get us down. We organise our own playgroups, firework events, festivals, galas and the rest, to keep the spirit alive.

Bingley you’d be proud of all the lovely children living in your midst. They all work really hard at school and get good results, they play nicely in the parks and get on well with each other. I’m not sure what happens when some of them reach 13, I don’t think there’s much for them to do so they like burning bins and writing rude words in marker pens down in Myrtle Park. It’s a shame, I’m sure they are good kids but they are bored. Maybe we need to do something about that.

The people in Bingley have real entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve never met so many people who run their own businesses. People are really proactive and want to get on in life. It’s something you’d be proud of.

So Bingley, we haven’t forgotten you, we’re working hard to improve you but it’s baby steps. We need the support of the council and for people to stand up for their town and make their voices heard, which is why some people have come up with this idea…because enough is enough.

Bingley Town Council
Bingley Town Council

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