Birth Story from Rachel!

This is a guest post from Bingley Mum fan Rachel who blogs over at Baking Mad Mummy, take a look at her fab blog!

The boy is now 2 and a half!! I can’t believe he’s a toddler already – running about, constantly chattering, playing and making us laugh and amazing us with new things and new words every day, but it doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since I was holding him for the first time!!

This is my birth story!
My husband and I got married 5 days before Christmas in 2010 and we’d already decided that in the New Year we’d start trying for a baby. We had quite a laid back approach to it – if it happened it happened and if it took a bit longer, we we’d just enjoy being newly married!! It happened quicker than we imagined and by the time I took a test in March I was already 5 weeks pregnant!!
I ran into the living room and told my husband – neither of us could believe it and the husband looked very nervous and a bit scared!! We both rang our mums and we told our best friends!! They were sooooooooo excited for us – my mum screamed down the phone!!

Our 12 week scan seemed to take ages to come and I was nervous – what if something was wrong, but I took the morning sickness as a good sign and I was right to – everything was fine – that little blob on the screen was our baby!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!
My pregnancy carried on more or less uneventful – our 20 week scan came and I persuaded the husband that we didn’t want to know the sex and I’m so glad we didn’t – it was a lovely surprise when he came!! After drinking a shed load of water then being told by the scan lady to drink a shed load more we found out that everything was fine and in the right place and our little bump was cooking away nicely. Towards the end of my pregnancy, the little monkey was laid funny and I had the most awful sciatica – I was in agony and walked like a 90 year old woman. I was about 36 weeks by this point and still at work. Luckily I didn’t have my own class and I was covering a year 2 class – much easier than reception where I usually teach, so I spent my last few days at work sat on a wheely chair wheeling round the classroom.

The day the boy was due, I woke up with a funny feeling – a sharp pain, like a period pain. I got up and went to the toilet and I’d had a show – oh my goodness – it was starting!!! I told my husband, he’d got the day off work anyway, so after I’d had a shower and got dressed we just chilled out and watched crap TV. I say we chilled – the pains got worse – everytime one came I had to stand up, pace up and down then found myself sort of bending over (well as much as you can when you’re 9 months pregnant) and leaning on a wall.
The husband started timing and when we got to 6 minutes apart I couldn’t take it any longer and rang the assessment centre – I was told that I wasn’t to come in until they were 4 minutes apart. We went to bed and I snoozed in-between contractions – there wasn’t much sleeping!! At 4.30am I rang again, I cried, but was told the delivery suite at LGI was full and I’d have to go to St James’s. I held on and went back to bed!!

When I got up in the morning I was still having regular contractions, but the baby wasn’t moving as much, I started to worry and rang the assessment clinic – telling them I’d started over 24 hours ago and I couldn’t feel the baby moving as much. We were told to come in!!
The husband picked up the freshly packed hospital bag (I’d only packed it 2 days before!!) and we left for the hospital.
Once there I did a sample and had a monitor put on me – the baby’s heartbeat was absolutely fine – and the midwife had a feel around – where she found I was 5cm dilated and I was to stay!! Hooray!!
We were shown into room 5 on the Delivery Ward – it was happening!! The contractions carried on, I paced up and down and then the sickness started – I just couldn’t keep anything down and I was getting tired. The midwives swapped over and our lovely lovely midwife came in. She chatted away, turned down the lights and made me feel a lot more relaxed. The contractions had quickened and she assured us it wouldn’t be long.  As each contraction came though, I found the best way to get through it was to hold my breath. Not too clever. So I had gas and air, mainly so that whenever a contraction came I could put the gas and air doo dah in my mouth and concentrate on breathing at the same time. The husband was trying his best to be helpful – I was bent over the bed and he was opposite me, holding my hands – however he had a very annoying habit that night of looking at the clock above the bed and nodding at me! Now he was doing this for a reason – if I gave birth before midnight our baby’s date of birth would be 11.11.11!!! When I did give birth, it was 12.05 – I just didn’t quite manage it!! Ha ha!!
It was time to start pushing. I was still stood up and eventually after a lot of straining, a lot of pushing and breathing the head was out. The midwife encouraged the husband to have a look – to this day he still says it looked like an “upside down angry midget” Nice!!
Eventually, he slithered out, all 9lbs 4 of him and I sat on the floor exhausted as I was told we’d had a boy!!
I lay on the bed, shattered and had some skin on skin, cuddling my new baby, not believing I’d given birth and I was a mummy!! We knew straight away what we wanted to call him and after we’d both had a cuddle we rang our parents. They cried and were over the moon.

The placenta was eventually out and it wasn’t long after that things started to go a bit wrong and not exactly to plan. The midwife was tidying round and about to get me some tea and toast when I felt a gush. I told the midwife and as I heard her shout for someone I passed out. I had indeed had a big loss of blood, 1 and a half litres to be precise, and I was a bit of a mess. They couldn’t bring me round for a few minutes; the husband had hold of our new baby and was panicking, wondering, if anything were to happen, how on earth he would be able to look after this tiny new baby!!
When I eventually came round, I started panicking – I had tubes coming out of both hands, loads of people round me and people were pumping fluid into me!! As someone who has never spent a night in hospital I was scared, more scared than I’d ever been. It was then I went into shock, my whole body started shaking uncontrollably and I was cold, I’d never felt as cold in my life. A hose was put under my cover, blowing warm air and after a while I warmed up and started to come round a bit.
Once I was stable again I was wheeled into the High Dependency Unit and it was there where I spent the next 18 hours. I was hooked up to a blood pressure machine, had a drip and where in the morning was given a blood transfusion.
Once everything was fine and we’d had some tea and toast (the best tea and toast I have ever had!) the husband went home for a couple of hours sleep and I lay, hooked up, holding my baby. I still couldn’t believe it and I told him that he was so precious and he’d be so loved by everyone who knew him. I told him about his family, his mummy, daddy, nana and granddad, grandma and granddad, his uncles and aunties and told him he’d never be on his own, he’d always have us. This tiny baby lay sleeping in my arms, I was so happy, so content, but so tired. The next morning family came to visit our beautiful boy and I was monitored constantly – a midwife was at the end of the bed all of the time! I tried feeding the boy and he just wouldn’t latch on, so I expressed as best as I could into a syringe and fed him tiny bits. By 6pm he still hadn’t had much and it was decided he needed to go onto the Special Care Baby Unit where he could be fed through a tube. I was tired and didn’t really know what was going on, a midwife took my baby and I sat on the bed and cried. I felt like a bad mummy already and the little love wasn’t even 24 hours old yet!
I was helped into the shower, because I’d lost so much blood, I had to be wheeled down to a shower where there was a seat, I was so weak I had to have a sit down shower! I felt much better after and when I’d got clean PJ’s on the midwife took us to see the boy. He looked so tiny and had a cannula in his hand and a tube in his nose. I was heartbroken, I couldn’t do anything, but after a feed, he was much happier. We kissed him and said night night, upset we were led away.
The husband went home as it was getting late by this point and I was taken to a ward. As I didn’t have a baby with me I was put in a side room. I watched TV for all of 5 minutes before I fell asleep.
During the night, I was wheeled into the ward and my gorgeous boy was brought back to me. I couldn’t resist and picked him up for a cuddle. The nurse explained that the reason he was finding it hard to latch on was he had a tongue tie, but she’d explain in the morning.
The nurses helped me to try and feed him but we were both getting more upset – me because I felt like a failure and the boy because he was hungry. At one point one nurse held the boy, one held my boob and still he couldn’t latch on. It was at this point my hormones got the better of me and I had a paddy, asking who was going to come home with me and do this every time he needed feeding. The nurses left me and the boy to calm down.

It was decided that the next morning, he would have a minor procedure and have his tongue tie snipped. I walked into the room with the boy and the doctor explained what he’d do – simply snip the bit of flesh that holds your tongue to your mouth so that he could move his tongue a bit easier and so that it wouldn’t affect his speech later on. It took seconds and the boy slept through it. After waiting for 5 minutes the doctor checked his mouth and everything was fine and we were allowed back to the ward.
The boy fed fine after that, hungrily finishing every feed and once my iron levels were a bit higher (and I looked a bit less grey) after all the trauma of the first 2 days of his tiny life, we were both allowed home to start our brand new adventure!!!


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