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The best (and worst) things about living in Bingley…

Last Friday night I had a bit of an epiphany. Yes this did include alcohol, but a surprisingly small amount. For the first time EVER I experienced what is commonly known as a “Mums night out”. Having never been invited on one before, I decided to be proactive and do my own, and it was great! As it was a beautiful evening, we decided to walk from Eldwick to Bingley, down Park Road. This involved some lingering outside Nisa as I was early meeting my friend, and it gave me some interesting insight into the youth of today, thank god for iPhones.

Anyway, I won’t go into the evening, but as I walked (yes WALKED) home I had an overwhelming feeling of well being, a sort of “this is where I live, and I like it,” that I’ve never really had before. I looked at the stars, met a hedgehog, glanced in to the windows of people having parties and enjoying the hot weather, it was wonderful.

So I decided it’d be nice to make a list of all the things I like about Bingley, so I don’t lose that feeling and always have something to read back if I’ve ever feeling dissatisfied in the future.

(in no particular order)

    • The people – the folk of Bingley are almost all kind, decent people who want the best for their community. They are family minded and want the best for their children.
    • The countryside – within Bingley itself are lovely parks and open spaces that are simply stunning. Not far from Bingley there is Baildon Moor, the Yorkshire Dales and more! We are very lucky.
    • The cafes and restaurants. We’ve a great choice of places to eat and socalise including Taylormade Treats, Cardemon, El Caballo Blanco and many more!
    • The train station – 17 minutes into Leeds for a night out or shopping, yes please!
    • Great local shops – Flouncy Flouncy is one of them and we all secretly love Home Bargains!
    • The schools – you’ll be pushed to find a bad school in Bingley, just a shame everyone else has found out about it and there’s a shortage of school places this year!
    • Great baby/toddler groups and classes including our wonderful children’s centre!
    • All the local attractions including East Riddlesden Hall, Haworth, Bolton Abbey and many more!
    • Lots of great hairdressers and beauty places, though I don’t think we need any more :/
    • Sports facilities I hear are good (I know nothing of this so I may be wrong!). I like the look of the Climbing Barn.
    • Lots of animal friendly activities, places to walk dogs, stables for horseriding, that sort of thing.
    • Reasonable house prices, it’s possible to buy a family home on a normal salary.
    • The library, my children love causing havoc having educational experiences in there.


I’m sure there are many more to add to this! Now in the interest of a balanced view, I thought it might be interesting to come up with some of the negatives too, so:

  • As mentioned, the school place problem in primary schools – the 2007 – 08 and 09 – 10 birth years were very popular and the council didn’t plan ahead, so lots of children missed out on places.
  • Sometimes there are scary people in and around Bingley, I’m sure they are nice but look a tad menacing.
  • Some people don’t seem to want to look after our local areas in particular Myrtle Park, what a shame this is.
  • We don’t seem to be well represented at Bradford Council and always seem to miss out somehow!
  • The very steep hill up to Gilstead from Bingley, it is impossible to walk up this hill with dignity when pushing a pram. I know.
  • In my opinion Bingley could be the next Ilkley, here’s to pushing up our house prices!
  • To go clothes shopping “properly” this requires a visit to Leeds or Harrogate as realistically Forster Square, Ilkley and Keighley don’t have that much to offer.
  • We don’t have a supermarket. This is a pain. The Co-op is ok but too expensive for a weekly shop.
  • There aren’t many well paid jobs in Bingley unless you are self employed.

To be honest though aside from the hill and the scary people, these are all things we can do something about! Join me in trying to make Bingley a better place and getting fairer representation at Bradford Council! Bingley Town Council Group has organised a meeting on the 11th of June that I will be attending to put across the views of parents. Please let me know if you’d like to come along  by using this contact form.

What else do you think should be included on these lists?

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